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TLAS was founded by Laura Bellmont; an illustrator and NYC DOE certified educator who has been teaching in the NYC Metro area for over fifteen years. 


Laura received her masters degree in Arts Education from Pratt Institute and graduated with honors, earning her initial certification with the NYC Department of Education. She has created an original method of teaching that is rooted in her consideration of each student as a unique learner. Laura regards her teaching practice as a living art form.

With each new program, Laura and a small team of highly skilled educators, animators, artists and art therapists, work together to create a new approach to teaching by using stop motion animation filmmaking as their vehicle to impart more complex skill sets and concepts.

 TLAS designs workshops that cultivate commercial and traditional art making skills, communication and collaboration, problem solving and the mindful use of technology. Each curriculum is shaped to accommodate the needs of our partners by creating original lesson plans for every engagement.

We look forward to collaborating with you to make something new!


P.S. Laura also wrote a book about the process called: “Animation Lab for Kids”  published by Quarry Books.

Check out the book here!
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